WordPress Website Design

Custom, responsive, and ready to perform for your business. Your site, your way.

Onepager Package

Rp 1.500.000*

Renewal Cost
Rp 700.000* / Year

Standard Package

Rp 3.500.000*

Renewal Cost
Rp 1.700.000* / Year

Full Package

Rp 7.200.000*

Renewal Cost
Rp 1.700.000* / Year

* All prices are in Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR). Approximately US$ 1 = Rp 14.500

So Why WordPress?

When a client comes to us needing a beautiful, responsive, easy to edit, content manageable website, WordPress more often than not is our tool of choice. We offer a variety of powerful, secure content management systems from simple HTML editors to bespoke enterprise level content management platforms. WordPress occupies a surprisingly board middle ground.

WordPress themselves tell us that their system runs more than 28% of the web and wordpress.org has more downloads than all the other open source CMSs put together (some 59%). As WordPress becomes more mature its reach extends and it’s now used regularly for developing complex portals and even web applications.

For us, the power of WordPress comes from its simplicity for content editors, its flexibility for designers and its available toolkit for developers. We can deliver you a bespoke design on a secure, reliable foundation that we can build exciting functionality on top of, either with the use of the tens of thousands of available plug-ins or from bespoke development by our WordPress web design and development team. This means that we can get your project moving quickly and efficiently – briefing, planning, designing, developing, testing, hosting and supporting your web project without fuss.

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