Do you store my credit card information?

Ertomedia doesn’t store any of your credit card information, but you are able to store credit card information through our integration with the payment provider. We use PayPal to process your payments. If you choose to save your credit card information when using Ertomedia, this information is stored at PayPal and not at Ertomedia.

Supported payment methods

You can use PayPal, VISA, Mastercard and American express when purchasing services on Ertomedia.

Is credit card data sent using a secure connection?

Ertomedia uses a third party payment provider, PayPal, to handle all credit card information and payments. PayPal is an industry standard PCI-approved payment provider, which means that your credit card information is as safe as can be. All credit card data is sent directly to PayPal over HTTPS which means the data is encrypted, and that Ertomedia never actually sees your credit card number.